Project Info

Modern Cement & Mining Co - Manaseer Group

PEG (Switzerland)

ATTCO Contract Value:
188 Million USD

Total Project Value:
340 Million USD

Designer and Equipment Supplier:

Project duration:
2009 - 2012

Project Description

The project is located in Al-Damkhy /Swaqa area 75 Km south of Amman.

The project has two zones; one for mining which is around 3.70 million m2 and contains the Coquina; the basic material in cement industry, the other zone is for the factory built on a land area of 800000 m2, which shall have the latest equipment and technologies to provide Green Field Factory with a production rate of more than 3500 tons of clinker per day.

The scope of work includes the following:
All civil works such as excavations, backfilling and reinforced concrete works estimated to reach 140000 m3 of concrete and 15000 tons of steel rebar in addition to all finishing works for all different sophisticated buildings including high rise buildings. In addition to covered huge store buildings with a total area of 40000 m2 and different concrete silos that reach up to 36 m in diameter and heights up to 70 m, the scope of work also includes burning facilities with a length of 50 m and a 124 m high adjacent building.

Manufacturing and installation of all steel structures works such as hangars, pipe racks, pipes,…etc. with an estimated weight of 14000 tons of steel with different shapes and sections.

Installation for all equipment in the factory such as ovens, filters, crushers...Etc, with all their necessary pipes, belts and ducts at different heights that reach up to 130 m above ground level in addition to all electrical boards and cables, factory commissioning works with all the necessary programs, control and observation systems.