Project Info

Jordan Bromine Co.

AMEC, KENTZ & Jordan Bromine Co.

Project duration:

Project Description

Scope of work done in 2001-2006 as follows:

  • C1: Earth works, infrastructure and W.W.T.P.
  • C10: Civil works and pre-cast concrete sleepers for 6 km brine line, tail brine and other lines from JBC plant to C7 and the
  • Truce Canal.
  • C13: Aqaba terminal facility.
  • C19: Asphalt works and fire fighting systems.
  • C20: Mechanical works, a fire fighting system, and deluge systems.
  • 60000 Expansion project (civil and mechanical works) including boiler and chimney erection, the new centrifuge erection. And the required mechanical and piping works.

The value of the above works is 5 million USD

  • 2003-2004 - Chlor–Alkali Project: Design and build project for both steel structure and civil works which included all underground and above ground structures consisting of 4000m³ _of concrete, 500 tons of steel reinforcement bars, 600 tons of steel structure and all necessary works with a total value of 3.0 million USD.
  • 2012 - New C7 intake structure and associated feed and tail brine line project with a total scope of work value of 4.5 million USD.
  • 2012 - Bromine Petra Expansion Project: the scope of work for this project includes all civil electromechanical works including instrumentation and installation, in addition to infrastructure works for the expansion of Jordan Bromine Company Plant with a total scope of work value of 8.5 million USD.