Project Info

Ministry of Water & Irrigation - Kolon Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.

Sigma Consulting Engineers

Scope Of Work Value:
7.5 Million USD

Project duration:

Project Description

The project included the following works:

  • Construction of aeration tank with a capacity of 28000 m3.
  • Construction of anoxic tank with a capacity of 8000 m3.
  • Drying beds,173 cells.
  • Maturation ponds 5000 m2.
  • Two thickeners.
  • Two settling tanks.
  • During the construction, 12000 m3 of concrete were poured with 1300 tons of steel reinforcement, 15000 m2 asphalt paving, 125000 m3 excavations and 40000 m3 backfill.