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Ministry of Water & Irrigation


Main Contractor:

Scope Of Work Value:
86.5 Million USD

Project Description

Scope of work included all civil and electromechanical works for the waste water treatment plant with the capacity of 52000 m3 per day including , three bioreactor tanks, five settling tanks, two thickener grit chambers, grease removal, splitter boxes & chambers, sludge drying beds, headwork structure, irrigation pumping station, sludge dewatering building, chlorination building, Ras and Was pumping stations A & B, thickener sludge pumping station, influent pumping station, headwork structure and outlet structures.
In addition to installation works for all mechanical equipment, infrastructure and land scape works, administration building, generator building, storage and workshop building.
Erection of various diametric ductile cast iron pipes of mechanical joint type and stainless & carbon steel pipes related to this project.
The trunk line works included all piping works for a 3.90 km length of 1500 mm diameter pipes and a 17.5 km length of 1200 mm diameter pipes in addition