Project Info

Ministry of Water & Irrigation - Morganti Group Inc. - Infilco JV

Black & Veatch International

Total Project Value:
130 million USD

Project Description

This project was designed to collect water from Wadi Ma’in, Zara Springs and Mujib Dam, subjecting the combined flows to treatment, including desalination, and conveying the treated water to the existing National Park Pump Station site in Southern Amman.
From this point, treated water will be distributed to Amman residents for municipal, commercial and industrial uses by MWJ/WAI. Up to 8 million m3 per year of the treated water will be conveyed through a separate pipeline to hotels near the Dead Sea at a later date.

  • The major components of the company’s scope were a water treatment plant located at Swemeh, Al-Gohr with a 53 million m3 of treated water, four pumping stations, a conveyance system and a 40 km pipeline from the water treatment plant to Amman with approximately 160 different manholes and chambers.
  • The water treatment plant consists of 26 process structures and buildings which are different in shape, area and function. Most of these structures are huge and very complicated.