Letter From the CEO

I would like to welcome you at the Arab Towers Construction Co. (ATCCO) web site that demonstrates our capabilities and experience, as a regional leader in the construction, steel fabrication and contracting business.

With our strong regional presence, capitalizing on our highly experienced team, modern tools, using latest technologies and equipment, ATCCO continue to grow and expand in the region, putting itself on the map of the leading and distinguished companies in the region.

As a result of our robust operational and safety track-record, ATCCO continue to act as pace setter in the contracting business in the Jordan and around, adding new clients and sectors to its reference list and experience by the day. We intend to continue to grow to new regions, sectors and activities, while maintaining our excellent performance and safety records.

ATCCO, over the past years, has built a strong name and relationship with clients in the region and gained their trust and confidence. Today our reference list includes some of the best clients in the region in different sectors and countries.  ATCCO since started, has grown from a small construction company, handling simple civil works, to multi disciplinary and regional contracting Company, serving different sectors, markets and clients, spanning over several sectors such as; civil works, infrastructure, hospitals, hotels, , steel structure, industrial, roads and bridges.

Recently, we are proud to say that we have included the renewable energy to our experience list, after we successfully completed the first wind farm in the Middle East along with several photovoltaic projects. We shall continue to focus on this important and growing sector and business.

Also our partnership, alliances and cooperation, includes highly recognized international names, from all around the world, with whom we enjoyed joint and successful execution of several large international projects in the past decade or so.

Few years ago, ATCCO has expanded to Saudi Arabia and opened a branch office there serving the local market there.  

Our commitment to the environment, HSE standards, local regulations, high quality standards and our employee’s well fare, shall continue to be a prime objective for ATCCO management and staff.

ATCCO will also continue to invest in the local communities, wherever we operate and work, provide employment opportunities, training and support to the local communities.

ATCCO will also continue to maintain its code of conduct, ethical values and social responsibility wherever we operate.

We shall encourage innovation, new ideas, development of staff, improving work methods and standards, so we continue to excel, targeting international standards and norms in everything we do.

Hisham Wadi

Founding Partner